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A selection of your personal accounts of ecstasy use


Empathy through Ecstasy
Walking through the fire
Love on E for real?
Insights on ecstasy
Instant connections
Lesbianism revealed by ecstasy
Facing the loss of a relationship
The love of my life I met on E
Euphoric and jealous
on the same pill
Changing sexual
roles. Experiencing your partner's feelings
Mature love Spiritual relationship
Ecstasy and sexuality: a woman explores relationships
Polygamory, ecstasy and jealousy. An experiment with useful lessons
Father and Daughter A 44-year old professional man uses E with his daughter
Conflicts about relationships
I'm stuck loving someone who can't love herself
E made me bond with my friend's wife
Helpful and Difficult A doctor's wife describes her experiences with E and her relationship
Honesty towards Men A girl speaks her mind, and makes contact with her guardian angel
Looking into each others eyes
E brings out true emotions
A teenage girl's changed attitude to sex. No need to "pull" men to prove attractiveness

Positive experiences

Seeing the world in a new light
WorldWide Raver's Manifesto Project, Toronto
Ecstasy and pot-dependency
Good trip buddies enabled first e-xperience
Age is just a number!
Dancing with a wand of energy-dust
E-induced ESP
E lifted the world from my shoulders
Low doses
avoid comedown and tolerance
Helping someone change their experience: from depression to joy
Nice things to do on E
We could truly live in ecstasy... A poem

2CB refreshes
the ecstasy experience
A poem
More caring and less superficial
Life changing experience A shy 29 year old describes his first E trip
Lager to E One man's account of changing habits
E at thirty Not too old to start!
Can't help spilling the truth on E
A rave in London described by an American visitor
Ecstasy and higher states of consciousness. An 18-year old's first hand account
First rave. A man describes his first rave on E.
A traveller in Wales worships life

Personal development

A moment of enlightenment
Emotional walls came down in the right setting
E as a tool for survivors
Psychotherapy compared with ecstasy
Experience that has profoundly changed my life
Using ecstasy to aid therapy. A woman finds her goal
Finding my identity. A man describes his development through the use of drugs
Ecstasy reveals the true self. An engineering student relates what E has done to his friends
I found myself with MDMA more easily than Yoga
Coming to terms with my image after being abused and bullied at school
Schizophrenia, Ecstasy helps me to live with my schizophrenia
E showed me love for myself again that I still carry with me
Potential for training in business A senior executive's experience and viewpoint


Creativity and Depression Exploring the use of E for creativity and to treat clinical depression
Depressed girl's home use for self-realisation, art and relationships
Tai Chi on E A university lecturer dances with tai chi movements
Effect of Ecstasy on writing and Unlocking doors in the mind


Dealing with dependency
Disillusioned e-user "comes down from the clouds"
Disillusionment with E after losing friendship
Rave as a post-modern hell
Tripping on the Music. Personal account
Too many pills. Personal account
Disillusionment with ecstasy
A binge on TNT, cocaine, ecstasy and speed
When E turns out to be something else
Disastrous "ecstasy" wedding night E turned out to be K


Cocaine addiction A coke addict discovers E and loses his habit


Body and soul: an out-of-body experience
Rocket to enlightenment
Kundalini raised by ecstasy
Flight of the Mind: a spiritual experience on E
Spiritual expansion from ecstasy use
How Buddha must have felt
. A student is afraid of failing to find such a state again
Raving on E has become a religious experience
Spiritual experience A woman finds a profound sense of unity on E
Contact with dead relatives on E

For more spiritual experiences go to the In Search of the Ultimate High website at - the site for Nicholas Saunders' last book, on spiritual experience through psychoactives


Dizziness, Panic attacks and therapeutic use - a reader writes Diabetes and ecstasy: a user report
Narcolepsy cured by ecstasy
Anxiety brought back by ecstasy
Ritonavir (Norvir) & Ecstasy Interaction
Epilepsy and ecstasy
. A user report
E as a pain killer...and the real drug barons
Antibiotics and Asthma A user report
Cure for migraine using ecstasy index
E for Ecstasy contents
Spiritual book index