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2CB revitalised my ecstasy experience

I have been using ecstasy for about 4 years now, and like so many others, I have never had that wonderful fresh experience for the last three years. I used to blame it on the quality of the pills, but then I talked to new people on the scene who did manage to have the most wonderful experiences, and they had taken exactly the same as I had. So I had to admit that it was something to do with me, and told myself that I had damaged myself and would never be able to feel that true ecstasy bliss again.

Then I made a chance discovery. I had only one E left which I knew it was too weak to do much on its own. But I also had some 2CB tablets, those very small white ones (sold as a treatment for male impotence!) which are 5mg each. So I decided to boost the low dose E with 10mg 2CB.

The result was incredible! It really was just like I remember from the good old days. As good as my very first E trip!

I spread the news among my friends, since 2CB is not hard to get here, and they all reported the same.

South African man

[Note. 2CB used to be sold as Erox in very small red/purple domed round plain pills, but is now often found in even smaller white pills. Both types have the same content of 5mg 2CB. See under Other Drugs]


Other people have told me that 'white grapefruit juice' is effective in enhancing most psychedelics including MDMA: "100 mg with the MDMA, just before the peak, or on the way down, seems to greatly enhance the entacogenic/empathogenic qualities without causing an increase in muscle tension, gitters, etc." index
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