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Interactive Ecstasy Testing Database

Interactive Ecstasy Testing Database

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  • Welcome to the first interactive ecstasy testing database.

    DIY testing kits have become increasingly popular as a way to discover the principal active ingredient in pills sold as ecstasy.

    In the UK, the Green Party and Release have been using the kits in clubs, parties and raves across the country, testing large numbers of different pills and recording the results. A valuable information resource is being built up and this database aims to make those results more widely available, and encourage others to add their own test results.

    IMPORTANT: The information on the database is provided by the good will of ecstasy testers and ecstasy users. It may not be one hundred percent accurate. Please use the information purely as guidance. Please see the FAQ.

    This database is primarily for sharing pill test results rather than subjective reports of effects of ecstasy pills. If you have a 'users report' to share, without a test result, there is a space for these at the MDMA Info Clearing House.