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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interactive ecstasy testing database?

It is a place on where results of 'diy tests' on pills sold as ecstasy can be accessed and inputted. As the use of home testing kits increases, a valuable resource is building up in the form of test results for pills currently being sold as e and the database is a way of sharing that information and making it more widely available.
The Dutch model has shown that one consequence of systematic testing is to introduce an element of 'quality control' into the ecstasy market and it is hoped that this database will continue that trend.

Who will use the database?

As well as providing useful information to ecstasy users, the database will also be an invaluable tool for harm reduction agencies and other organisations who advise users of recreational drugs.

How does an e testing kit work?

Home ecstasy testing kits use a chemical solution called Marquis Reagent. This is made up of formaldehyde, sulphuric acid and methanol. A drop of the solution is added to a scraping from a pill and the solution changes colour indicating the presence of: ecstasy-like substances (MDMA, MDEA, MBDB, MDA), Amphetamine and 2CB.
See the Colour Chart and Testing Guide.

The testing solution contains a strong chemical and should be used responsibly. If spilt, flush away with lots of water. Do not ingest it.

How reliable are the test kits?

A DIY testing kit is not in the same league as professional laboratory testing using gas chromatography. A 'home' test can only indicate the presence of the main active ingredient. It cannot give any indication of quantity or other, secondary, ingredients. However, experienced testers in Holland claim that very subtle variations in pills can detected, such as relative purity. The test is excellent for indicating you've been sold a complete dud.

Is it legal to test pills?

It is legal to possess an ecstasy testing kit. It is, of course, illegal to possess ecstasy.

Is it legal to test other people's pills?

Be discreet when testing in an open venue such as a club- it would be illegal for you to test a pill, find out it contained any illegal substances and then hand it back to the person. You could be done for supplying a class A drug. Suggest the pill-owner scrapes a sample off their pill themselves (but be responsible about handing them a razor blade to do it with if they are jittery/completely out of it) rather than handing you the pill.

How can I get a test kit?

See Buying a Test Kit

Who is adding results to the database?

Anyone! Most of the early results come from testing done by the Green Party and Release at a variety of clubs, raves, parties, homes etc. Once the database is fully up and running results will be added by anyone who wants and is able to test a pill and share the result.
This does mean that false results could be posted up and users are warned of this possibility when accessing the results. The database will be moderated on a weekly basis ( to remove duplicates, spams etc) and if there are two different results for a pill with exactly the same characteristics (logo, size etc) then this discrepancy will be highlighted.

How can I add my results to the database?

See Add Test Results

If you want to post a subjective 'users report' on a pill, describing the effects, but have not tested the pill with a kit, please do not post your report on this database! There is a site for users reports at the MDMA Info Clearing House. This database is only for sharing pill test results.