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Submit Test Result

Submit Test Result

Welcome to the Pill Test Results database.

This database is for people to post the results of testing pills sold as ecstasy having used the E-Z or Green Party testing kits (the Marquis reagent) (info). For guidance about how to test pills go here.

If you want to report your experiences of using a particular pill but don't have any test results, please go to the MDMA Info Clearing House.

The database is now moderated and reports without a result will not be posted. You can email the moderator here.

Results on the database are only useful if they contain enough information so that the pill can be identified again. Please fill in as much of the form below as you are able to.

For location just the town or city is enough, please don't put names of clubs etc!

Details are important eg if the logo is a crown, does it have three points or four?

If the pill is known by more than one name (eg elephant and hairy mammoth) then put both down.

For the 'result' section, try and describe what happens when you add the reagent to the pill shavings. Try to describe the colour change or changes over a period of about a minute. Also try to notice if the reaction happens quickly or slowly (did you have to wait a few seconds for a colour to develop?) and if anything else happens (gas given off, heat produced). Every detail you can report about the reaction could be important.

The "User Reports" section is important as it may help identify fake pills. Some points worth reporting would be how long it took to come up, how long did it last and how was the come-down. Please keep your comments brief though.

Please remember that just because a pill tests positive for MDMA, it doesn't mean it is quarenteed to be a good pill or that it's safe to take. The only way to avoid any danger from drugs of any sort is not to take them and remember that prohibition has created many more problems as well.

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