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Current Results

Current Results

These results have been obtained using home ecstasy testing kits which use a chemical to test for the principal active ingredient in pills sold as ecstasy. They are *not* laboratory results. The test cannot indicate the quantity of a chemical in a pill, nor can it guage what else might be in the pill if it contains a number of ingredients. Please see the FAQ for more info on DIY e testing.

Just because a pill tests positive for MDMA, does not automatically mean that it is safe to take. Please check out the safety and harm reduction information elsewhere on this site.

If you are comparing a pill to one on the database, check for all distinguishing features: size, colour, logo, shade, score etc. Bear aware that 'copycat' pills exist - pills designed to look just like a 'good' one but with inferior ingredients.

IMPORTANT: The information on the database is provided by the good will of ecstasy testers and ecstasy users. It may not be one hundred percent accurate. Please use the information purely as guidance. Please see the FAQ.

Pink Calais Logo: Speckly Pink
Type: Pill with split
Shape: Round
Colour: Pink
Texture: Hard
Speckled: yes
Date: 1/12/2000
City: London
Country: UK
Test result: Violent reaction to black/blue
Overall effect: Loved up Physical effect: No effect
User reports: The Best. There is a huge batch of these about to hit the UK.

Blue Berries (capsule) Logo: none
Type: Capsule
Shape: Oblong
Colour: Blue
Speckled: no
Date: 1/12/2000
City: Austin
Country: USA
Test result: Turned black instantly!
Overall effect: Dancy Physical effect: Jaw stiffness/clenching
User reports: Took only one and I rolled a good 5-6 hours. The comedown was the smoothest I ever experienced. Next day I felt so nice and relaxed.

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