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[Appendix 6][The End]

E is for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders

Appendix 7: Glossary of terms

  • 2CB: bromodimethoxyphenethylamine
  • 5HT: serotonin -- a substance in the brain that effects mood
  • adrenalin: a natural substance in the brain that prepares the person for 'fight or flight'
  • ambient: peaceful variant of House music
  • armouring: tensioning of the body to avoid feelings
  • arrhythmias: unusual heart rhythm
  • axons: part of brain cell that connects with others
  • bulimia: eating disorder when the person eats and vomits in order to eat more
  • carriers: those who hold drugs and money for gangs of dealers
  • chillout: (1) time spent after a rave (2) to cool down (3) used to describe a quiet, cool room for relaxing at a rave
  • club: nightclub licensed for public entertainment
  • cop: copulate
  • cortex: part of the brain
  • dance drugs: drugs normally taken include: MDA, MDMA, MDEA; amphetamine and LSD.
  • DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration (US)
  • designer drug: a drug designed to have similar effects to a known illegal drug, but which is not illegal itself. Example is MDEA (eve). Does not apply in Britain, because law is different to USA.
  • designer drug: drug designed to avoid the law.6
  • DIC: disseminated intravascular coagulation, a result of overheating
  • DMT: short-acting but powerful psychedelic drug
  • dopamine: natural substance in the brain that effects pain
  • draw: cannabis
  • endorphines: natural substance in the brain that causes pain relief
  • Esalen: a new-wave centre for psychotherapy
  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration (US)
  • feely feely room: room for sensual contact
  • fly agaric: type of mushroom with psychedelic effects
  • grand mal: epileptic fit
  • happening: orgasmic trance dance atmosphere created by best DJs
  • haemotoma: blood clot within the body tissue
  • hippocampus: important part of the brain
  • holotropic: breathing technique involving hyper-ventilation
  • hyperthermia: when the body temperature rises above 41 degrees C
  • hypothermia: when the body temperature drops to a dangerous level without normal reactions such as shivering
  • ICPO: International Convention on Psychotropic Substances
  • joey: person employed by dealer gang to sell to customers
  • Ketamine: aneasthetic which can produce altered state of consciousness and hallucinations, but very different in effect from hallucinogens
  • kicking: orgasmic trance dance atmosphere created by best DJs
  • luvdup: feeling loving and lovable, a group feeling of togetherness
  • mandala: circular drawing of mystical significance
  • MDA: methylenedioxyamphetamine
  • mental: orgasmic trance dance atmosphere created by best DJs
  • metabolite: substance produced in the body [as a result of digesting a drug]
  • MAOI: monoamine oxidase inhibitor
  • MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
  • minders: heavies employed by gangs to protect themselves
  • mushies: magic mushrooms
  • narcissism: excessive involvement with oneself
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming: a 'patent' method of psychotherapy
  • neurotoxicity: damage to nerves or brain cells
  • neurotransmitter: natural substance in the brain concerned with transmitting information between cells
  • NIDA: National Institute of Drug Abuse (US)
  • opiods: a natural substance found in the brain that effects pain
  • puppy piles: people making sensual contact
  • party: a small rave for members or invited people only
  • pharmo-: prefix denoting to do with drugs
  • phenethylamine: group of chemicals which includes psychoactive drugs
  • plassie: part-time raver, not a real raver
  • poppers: amyl nitrite
  • primates: animals such as monkeys and humans
  • Prozac: Drug prescribed for depression of the SSRI type
  • psychodrama: psychotherapeutic gropup technique of acting out a situation
  • psilocybin: common English psychedelic mushroom
  • R&B: rhythm and blues
  • rave: large one-off event with all night dancing to House music in the open air or in marquees, warehouses or other large buildings (is also used to cover other events where people dance to acid house music)
  • raver: person who attends venues where people dance to acid house music
  • salsoul: rhythmic fusion of R&B and Latin music
  • serotonin: 5HT -- a substance in the brain that effects mood
  • skag: heroin
  • smack: heroin
  • snarlers: those who try to find customers for drug dealers at raves
  • snake slithering: group of people making sensual contact
  • speed willy: shrunk penis from taking E or amphetamine
  • spinners: dancers who go out of control
  • SSRI: Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor
  • stacking: taking multiple doses, usually spread out over a period in order to prolong the effect
  • synapses: points at which brain cells communicate with each other
  • tachycardia: abnormal increase in heart rate
  • taxing: when security staff/police get a cut from dealers in exchange for being allowed to operate exclusively and being warned of police raids
  • techno: heavy metal electronic version of house music
  • thermoregulatory: temperature controlling
  • tolerance: when a drug has less effect after it is taken frequently
  • tranx: tranquilisers
  • trips: LSD
  • whizz: amphetamine
  • WHO: World Health Organisation

[Appendix 6][The End]